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Love and Compassion Home Health Agency® is dedicated to providing honest care to all in the community. The decision to go into the Home Support Business was made by Tracy Bowen and Annie Green as they became aware of the emerging need for such services.


The media has been making continual reference to the fact that the need for Home Care Services is escalating and will become a factor to reckon with, as the elderly population numbers continue to increase. 


Part of this upsurge is due to current senior citizens living longer and part of it is due to the large group of “baby-boomers” swiftly approaching their retirement years.  Coupled with that are governments trying to respond to the staggering costs of health care.  Remaining in their own homes and communities not only make clients happier and healthier but costs are a mere fraction of institutional care. 


Additionally, many terminally ill people are electing to receive hospice care at home, which, once again, costs less than facility care.  It also allows the patient and their families to deal with the pending death privately and with dignity.  Being able to do so in a comfortable and familiar environment is peaceful and therapeutic for them.